Meet the Dogs



With over a decade of blacksmithing experience, 111 is our resident smith. Having an affinity with fire it’s no surprise that he is also a skilled fire performer. He combines the flow with martial art of staff to create his own unique style of performance, which can be enhanced by lighting the staff on fire and breathing a breath of flame through it.


Alli Apocalips


Alli’s known as the enchantress due to her ability to enthrall the crowd. She specializes in whip cracking, belly dance, hula hoop, fan dance and contact juggling. When learning a new skill, she often has “lighting it on fire” as her end goal.





Rusty Knots

KnotsRusty Knots is a talented fighter and has been setting/choreographing fights for years.  Rusty is also handy with…knots.  He can use rope to make everything from bracelets to whips. His skills with a whip, dashing charm and lust for attention make him our perfect MC/ring leader.




TrevanAn expert fighter, Trevan oversees the combat training of new Dogs as well as sets fights for shows. He maintains and manages the Dogs armoury, insuring our stockpile is ready for war at a moments notice. Trevan also has impressive knowledge of the history of arms and armour, and it more than happy to share it.


TurikAnother of the Dogs’ skilled fighters. Turik is also learning to instruct others in combat and set fights. He is also beginning a very hot, exciting career in fire performing.




Pickles is a new fighter but very talented and catching on really quick. Her natural infectious charisma is great for rallying the crowd and getting the audience involved in the show. She is also a beautiful belly dancer and loves to perform with the other dancers in the group. Pickles also has a – some would say, unhealthy addition to pickles.



GreyVerreukt is an exceptional veteran fighter with many years of experience (insert age joke here). A friendly voice often sharing kind words and wisdom with the rest of the Dogs (….insert another age joke here).




Auroch is a talented musician. He plays various percussion instruments and the ocarina. He is always happy to share his knowledge and lead drumming workshops.



Crach is another of the Dogs’ talented fighters. He is also a skilled sculptor and uses his passion for legends and lore to sculpt “trophies” of legendary creatures.




Kain AKA the Fire Imp


Kain is a student of contortion, a unique, intriguing and unnerving art form; making the audience unable to look away as much as they may feel they want to. Kain is also a talented poi performer whose show is only made hotter by lighting the poi on fire!