Here’s a list of some of the shows and demos we offer.  Have an idea you don’t see listed?  Contact us and we’ll see what we can do!

Fight Demos and Weapons Display

Our trained fighters will entertain crowds with steel on steel combat. We can also have an interactive weapon and armour display where the audience is welcome to touch and try on the arms and armour when they’re not in use.

Stage combat workshops are also available.

Whip Performance

Our whip artists put on a show that includes single whip routines and combos,
dual whip routines and combos, whip target cutting demo (both on and off body), and a healthy dose of audience heckling.

Belly Dance

This beautiful style of dance can instantly add atmosphere to any event. Our belly dancers combine percussive pops and locks with traditional belly dance movements to create their own unique style.

Belly Dance workshops available

Flow Arts

You may be wondering; “What the heck is a flow art?“ In the simplest terms, flow arts are different types of object manipulation that kind of combines dancing with martial arts. The flow arts we offer are: hula hooping, staff, poi, contact juggling, diabolo, and fan veils. Some LED and fire prop options are also available.

Hula Hoop workshops available


Add instant atmosphere to any event with our highly skilled musicians. Some of the instruments we currently offer are: a multitude of percussion instruments, acoustic guitars, lute and ocarina.

Our percussionists are also happy to teach drumming workshops and lead drum circles.


Who doesn’t love a good fire? Provide the warmth, comfort and insanity that only spinning balls of fire can to your event! Our fire shows can incorporate fans, poi, staff, hula hoop, diabolo, fire eating and fire breathing!

Blacksmithing Demonstrations

We can provide on-site live blacksmithing demonstrations. Our blacksmith demonstrates historical techniques on a portable coal forge with box bellows and anvil. On-site workshops and instruction are also options. Our blacksmith will provide witty banter and a foul smell free of charge.

If you have any questions about the Dogs of War or anything we offer don’t hesitate to email us or check out our youtube channel!